Laser Removal

At Cult Classic Tattoo we provide expert Laser Removal, with Joe Espin. Offering a complete removal service, or partial removal to help with your new cover-up work. Giving you the opportunity to start again. 

We believe that Tattoo Removal should be carried out by a technician with insight and experience in the tattoo industry itself, in an environment that respects and understands tattooing. That’s exactly what sets our service apart and makes it possible for us to deliver the best results.  

Removal for cover-up 

We provide a coordinated service between client, tattoo artist and laser technician. This means we can tailor your removal to suit your future plans; not only does this remove the chance of unnecessary laser sessions, it also removes the need for compromise with your new tattoo. 

∴ We recommend booking in advance for consultations, test-patches and appointments. To do this, or to ask any questions, call 01708 730 500 or come by the shop ∴
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